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TROOP  569


Eagle Metal


Anthony Pichetto

October 1993


Cullen LeClair

November 1999


Alexander Waters

June 2004


John Kilpatrick

June 1994


Richard Johns

December 1999


Chris Neal

August 2005


Matthew Glaze

August 1994


Zachary Shay

December 2000


Joshua Stowe

October 2005


Brian Collins

June 1997


Brian Berry

January 2001


Jeremy M Deremer

October 2006


Marc Callahan

February 1998


Kyle Whitlock

January 2001


Parker Bailey

May 1998


Lee Michael

August 2001


Patrick A. Yeager

July 1998


Freddie Karl Hoefler

February 2002


David P. Back

November 1998


Ryan Patrick Joyce

July 2002


Bryan D. Bunn

December 1998


Ray Back

September 2002


John H. Fox

April 1999


Franklyn Robinson

November 2003


Nicholas Pichetto

May 1999


Anthony McCalla

November 2003


Peter J. Harrison

May 1999


Richard Summers

June 2004



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